With 2018 here, we are all experiencing the energies of a new year, now influenced by the characteristics of DOG – loyal, unconditional love, protective, pack animal. The Earth energy adds an element of groundedness, stability, and balance to the Yang Dog energy of 2018.

In the business world, companies want loyal employees – people who are hardworking and committed. And, conversely, employees place trust in, and anticipate loyalty from, those they work for. This DOG year is a good year to start a business, and this is a good year to show loyalty to your customers and your employees! Using the Dog Energy of 2018 means to be generous with your clients. Give your loyal customers a special discount, or find ways to show generosity for their commitment to you.

Dog energy is about protection. We may see growth and a certain thriving in businesses that offer protection (an alarm company, for example).

Last year, the Fire Rooster was all about selfishness, loud crowing and a flashy stance, about “me, me, me.” Dogs, however, are pack animals, and COMMUNITY will be a relevant and prevalent quality in 2018. The dog year will bring a higher level of commitment from our leaders, organizations and companies toward the world, the climate and to humanity. On a personal level, this is not the year for you to stay home – get out there and find your community, or get very involved with your existing community!

Dogs are discerning. They sniff out to know/feel what is good. This is a year to hone your intuition, and to be discerning about what is and is not important to you, and what is or is not good for you.

The earth element brings healing, stability and a focus on nutrition. In terms of health and lifestyle, this is a particularly good year to spend time in nature (of course, it’s ALWAYS a good time to spend time in nature!). We are so lucky to be able to reach nature so easily in San Diego! Feng Shui is all about inviting the right energies into your life. Forests and mountains are ideal locations in the Earth Dog year to relax you mind, body and spirit, and to re-energize yourself. You will be truly supported in the year of the Earth Dog if you choose to focus on creating a healthier lifestyle; this support translates to achieving SUCCESS in your healthful endeavors!

Take advantage of this new energy from the start!

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