Spring has sprung! We know this not just by looking at the current month on the calendar, but more so by hearing the sounds of baby birds chirping in the trees, seeing rununculas and freesia blossoming in the gardens, and observing the rising temperatures when we check our phone weather app. Also by the longer daylight hours and the dissipating of El Nino’s storms…

I don’t know about you, but I like to maintain an Organized and Seasonal closet. Likely you understand the need for Organized. So why Seasonal? Well, imagine how frustrated you might feel when shopping for some new spring clothes at your favorite department store or boutique, and having to wade through a jumble of fall- and winter-wear before you can locate the seasonal items that you DO want to consider trying on and purchasing.

It’s the same with your closet. Do you ever stand in front of it, looking at racks and drawers and stacks of clothes and feel that you have NOTHING to wear? In my humble opinion, you want to see only those items that you are going to wear Now – so put away all the out-of-season pieces! A little bit of negative (i.e. empty) space in your closet will do wonders for your mindset, will give your clothes some breathing room, and will give YOU clarity in your decision-making process.

Here are a few tips to get you on your way to an organized and streamlined closet

First, give yourself a block of time to get this party started – you will want to have a couple of hours or even a full day to make the necessary decisions and take action to create your seasonal closet (think “Spring/Summer” and “Fall/Winter”).

Before you put away any off-season clothes, take them out and assess. Determine which pieces you love and wish to keep, and which pieces no longer fit or no longer fit your style (what you wore at age 30 might not be what you wish to wear at 40!). For those pieces that you will keep, make sure that they are clean and repaired (loose buttons or unraveled hems re-sewn, holes patched, etc.) before you put them away.

Next, decide WHERE you will be storing your off-season wear. I have extra space in my garage, and I had a small closet built into one portion where clothes can be hung and where shoe boxes can be stacked.

Or, perhaps you can identify a closet in another room in the home where you can store out-of-season apparel. It helps to have clothing boxes to store your off-season clothes. Cardboard boxes and plastic from the dry-cleaner will be damaging to your clothes in the long run so avoid those types of storage at all costs.

If closet space is limited, consider storing your clothes in unused suitcases. Stylish trunks, chests or baskets can hold your off-season clothes and can be easily incorporated into your décor.

~ Sachets of cedar or lavender tucked into the containers will keep away pests ~

As for shoes, I like to keep my shoes in their original boxes. Storing them in boxes eliminates dusty shoes, the boxes can stack 2 to 3 high on a shelf, and, when transitioning items from one location to another at the change of the season, it’s easier to move and relocate the out-of-season shoes that are neatly organized in boxes.

Sure, you can purchase some clear plastic shoes boxes to keep the containers visually cohesive, but with all the various heights of heels these days, shoes don’t always fit into the standard box. That’s why I keep them in the original boxes.

📱 📩 💻

In order to easily identify the shoes in the box, I take a photo with my pera, send it to email, print from the lap top, and tape the photo to the box. Voilá, easily-identifiable shoes and easier decision-making when choosing what to wear for the day.

I have tons more ideas for organizing the closet, maintaining your clothes, updating your wardrobe and storage – I would love to help!

Starting off your day with easeful and happy decision-making in terms of your closet and apparel will give you a calm, peaceful platform that will support you in making the rest of your day more organized and stress-free and thus more efficient!

Wishing you balance, love, and abundance,