I imagine long walks on the beach, casual suppers on the terrace, driving with the top down and feeling the wind on my face, kids free from the school grind, slow-paced days, moments spent with family and friends… It’s the time of year where you just want to sit about, soak up the sun and metaphorically watch the grass grow. Slow down, RELAX.

This is the time of year where the majority of us make the time to plan a vacation. Getting away from the usual routine can mean new cities to explore, water activities enjoyed on a lake or ocean, hiking in the forests or climbing a mountain.

Does any of the above cause you to feel STRESS?

How many of us scramble to figure out what to pack, or make mad dashes to the store to purchase new items because we can’t find what we need to take on this trip?!

Or how about when we return from the vacation? Mail and newspapers have piled up, the madness of the pre-departure clambering has resulted in clutter littering our living spaces. The result? We return from the trip oozing with calm and peace, only to be hit face on with the mess we left behind and all that lovely tranquility just flies out the window.

feng shui space organization

Well, my friends, as your go-to Feng Shui Organizer
and Space Stylist, I am HERE TO HELP!

Organizing your closet will help you find just what you need, when you need it.

  • If you were to spend the time to create a Seasonal Closet, it will be that much easier to find the appropriate wear for this particular time of year (no sorting through winter coats and snow boots in order to locate your swimsuit and beach cover up!).
  • Setting up systems to maintain organization for your paperwork, the items that regularly come in to your living space and the items that you regularly need to depart with, will help to eliminate that “out of control” feeling we often have when we return from a trip and face the clutter we left behind. Why? Because there won’t be any clutter left behind! 

I can help you do this!

Let’s work together to put a plan in place! As a certified Professional Organizer with an innate eye for order and a gentle and compassionate manner I will help save you HOURS of frustration in the long run. It’s an investment in your sanity.

The result? You will come back from your trip feeling like you are still on vacation!