It’s time to kiss those lazy days of summer adios!

Greetings my friends!

Fall is almost upon us and that means it’s time to kiss those lazy days of summer adios! Kids are leaving flip flops and sand at the door and returning to the classroom. As for us adults — renewed productivity is the name of the game in the home and workplace.

Feeling a bit sluggish in making this transition from the casualness and ease of summer to the brisker pace of fall? I have a few Time Management tips that may help! Organizing your time will result in efficiency in your daily activities, which leads to a more calm environment which results in a more peaceful You!

Set yourself up for success with a little Advance Planning. Sunday is most often the day where we have some down time, and our thoughts begin to turn toward the week ahead. This would be the ideal time to plan out the week.

  • Set up a family meeting to discuss calendars and schedules and activities and carpooling and anything else that could be addressed as a group to ensure smooth sailing and clear communication for the week ahead.
  • Plan the meals for the week and make a run to the grocery store for said meals. Heck, you could even go so far as to take out that crock pot (where it is so nicely organized in one of your cabinets or the pantry) and cook up an item or two for the coming week!
  • Choose what to wear at night, for the following day and lay out the entire outfit (shirt, pants, skirt or dress, shoes, accessories, handbag, outerwear). This is a time saving trick for children and adults alike.

Create a Launching / Landing Pad » in the appropriate area of your home. Raise you hand if you spend more than 5 minutes a week let or sunglasses when you want to rush out the door. I assure you, this forgetfulness is not due to anything wrong with your brain – you simply have yet to implement the time-saving tool of creating a landing / launching pad.

This would be located in an area that is close to the door you most often enter/exit. It could be a simple tray to hold your keys, wallet and sunnies, it could be a corner area on the kitchen counter with a basket to hold the entire purse and odds and ends you need on a regular basis when departing the house. Different homes require different solutions, but creating and USING this area will definitely save you loads of time that you have previously wasted looking for important items on your way out the door.

Use a Timer

Sometimes time simply gets away from us when we are engrossed in an activity (cough cough, Facebook, cough). Having more time isn’t necessarily the answer – it’s more about using your time efficiently. The use of a Timer can so easily assist and help you stay focused and on track so you are going through your day in a more effective way and with less waste of time. You can use a timer to:

  • Be mindful of water usage in the shower.
  • When you are allowing your child (or you!) a certain amount of screen time.
  • When you want to do a quick run through of the house, picking up all the loose items that need to be put back where they belong. Adding some lively music and getting your kids in on this process will add some fun and get more done, and will teach your kids some organizing skills as well!

I hope these few Time Management tips will help you get your work done more efficiently and allow you the extra time you deserve to have more fun, more relax time, and more time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.

Enjoy the Fall and I will see you in your inbox in the next month or two!