If you were to make only one Feng Shui change in your environment, the best choice would be to organize and de-clutter. Let’s first look at exactly what is clutter – anything that is extra, serving no purpose, not living in its “home.” You probably know what I’m talking about – even the most organized among us most likely has some drawer that could use tidying and reorganizing.

So, why does clutter happen? Other than the obvious reason of being too busy to put something away, a big part of clutter is deferred decision making – you just can’t seem to make a decision about a thing so it ends up just sitting there. Not belonging there, not being moved anywhere. Just sitting there, indefinitely.

As a result of clutter, we end up being disorganized. We can’t find things when we need them. We end up buying more of the same because we can’t find that thing we need. We waste time, effort, money.

I don’t imagine any of us want to live a life of wasted time, wasted effort, wasted money. Taking the time to de-clutter and organize your living and working environments has the brilliant effect of regaining time, effort and money. We become more efficient, which leads to more productivity, which leads to happiness, self-confidence and improved relationships.

Do you have clutter as a result of some recent event in your life (a new baby, a divorce, a move)? Or, are you just overwhelmed with stuff and could use a few pointers and some de-cluttering assistance? I recently earned an Organizing Certification from the Institute of Professional Organizers with the intention of enhancing the Feng Shui services I offer. I would love to help you improve your environment and thus improve your life by sharing with you what I have learned.
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In the meantime, here are a few tips to get you going

  • Make a place for everything, and keep everything in its place. Constantly losing your keys? Make a Landing Station in the appropriate room in your house (such as the kitchen, office, or if you are lucky to have one, the mud room) and put your things away as soon as you walk in the door. You will then always know where to find them!
  • Keep like items with like. For example, all your batteries and extra light bulbs would be kept in one area of the house, rather than having a few scattered here and there in various drawers or cabinets. Same with tools – keep all your tools in one location. And remember to follow step 1 and put them back where they belong after use!
  • Take the time to organize your space. That means going through everything, sorting and deciding what to keep, what might need repair, what to donate or what to discard. If you haven’t used that thing in quite sometime, you most likely no longer need it – so let it go! It is taking up valuable real estate in your environment, and causing clutter.
  • Finally, once you have sorted and organized, follow the “one in/one out” rule – for any one item you bring in to your newly organized and de-cluttered space, you must let one item out. Otherwise, you will find yourself back in that space of clutter and disorganization, and that is bad Feng Shui, my Friends!

And… did you know… making positive external changes in your environment will cause positive internal changes in your self? (That is why, Dear Reader, I tell you that practicing Feng Shui will bring more balance, love and abundance into your Life) Oprah has a handle on this notion. She expresses it, as always, with insight and inspiration, in her “What I Know for Sure” page, in the March 2015 issue of Oprah Magazine:

“I’m finally de-cluttered. My closet is color coordinated. Cabinets organized. Each spice in its place. Every one of my treasured first edition books boxed and labeled. Order and the peace of mind that comes with it abound in my home. I’m surrounded by symmetry and beauty. I’ve worked hard to get here.

Now my goal is to rise to the level of my surroundings.

How can I emotionally and spiritually sustain the space of happiness, contentment, joy?

What I know for sure: Our internal space has to be given the same level of respect and diligent attention as the external.

This means constant cleaning. Sorting through the corners of the mind for any residue of doubt, resentment, guilt, shame, or other negative feelings – the feelings that represent choosing fear over love.

To be fulfilled and happy on this planet of duality, of darkness and light, we must move toward the light of love. Daily.

If we don’t, then just as our closets, kitchens, garages, and bathrooms become overwhelmed, so too does the room of the soul.

The answer, for me, is a daily spiritual practice. Silence. Stillness. The consideration of who I am and where I am. The acknowledgement of how far I’ve come. Gratitude. The release of anger. Living my truth and operating from a clear space of compassion and empathy. This is how I choose to live. Decluttered, for Sure.”
– Oprah

Wishing you balance, love and abundance,