Greetings my Friends! Most likely, by now, you have heard that we are firmly settled in to the Year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster, being the animal in charge of the entire barn yard, is all about Organization of Time and Space.

So, in order to fully harness the energies of this year, we would all greatly benefit from looking at these aspects of our lives and tightening up those areas that are a bit loose and disheveled!

For example, are you one of those people who can never seem to arrive on time – you are perpetually texting your friend or appointment to say that you are running 5 minutes behind? Or you just can’t seem to get out the door when you plan to, and thus the whole day starts off LATE and on a wrong note and it all goes downhill from there?

Or… are you one of those people who can never seem to find their (fill in the blank – keys, cell phone, wallet, shoes…) because of the disorganization in the (fill in the blank – kitchen, bedroom, entire home, office) and as a consequence of the disorganization (refer to previous paragraph) ….you are always running late!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In order to organize your time and your environment, it helps to have a system in place. There are a number of simple yet effective ways you can do this.


  • Utilize the alarm function on your phone, and set an alarm for 5 or 10 minutes before you need to walk out the door.
  • Set up a landing/launching pad near the door you use most often. This is where you store all the things you need when you leave your house (keys, purse, wallet, sunglasses, workout bag, kids’ backpacks, etc).
  • Schedule a block of time on one set day/evening a week where you cook multiple items (break out that crock pot you have tucked away in the back of the cabinet!), so that you have food options for most of the week, eliminating the stress of the “what am I going to cook tonight?” dilemma!


  • Start small. Select one drawer, take everything out, sort like items into groups. Eliminate what does not belong in the drawer, only put back items that fit in to the door (do not overfill drawer). The success and satisfaction you feel after organizing one small space will hopefully give you the encouragement you need to continue to organize other areas of your space.
  • Set aside half of a day (yes, you will have to forgo a morning of golf or a Saturday binge-watching your fave Netflix show to do this, but the positive results will permeate all areas of your life!) to go through your closet, try on items to decide if they fit, if you still like them or if they are even still in fashion. Editing items and paring down what is in the space will give you more room in the closet and make it easier to organize by item or color, making it easier to find things and saving you time as a result!
  • Even organizing your car, your phone apps, the screen on your computer, your wallet or your purse will free up space. And more open space in your life invites more of what you want to come in to your life.

It takes TIME to set up systems! Maybe that’s where you get tripped up – the idea of setting up a system is so overwhelming that you just don’t set up the much-needed system, and thus you continue running on the hamster wheel of disorganized time and space.

That’s where I come in! We can take a look at what is not working, and figure out how to make things flow better. I am happy to talk to you on the phone for a free 15 minute consultation and offer a few specific tips for your situation.

It’s the Year of the Fire Rooster! Being organized with your time and your space is going to activate that Fire Rooster energy and assist you in finding your flow and your balance and to create the life that you want and deserve!

Wishing you an abundantly happy and organized Year of the Fire Rooster,