This past summer I experienced a most incredible journey (physical as well as metaphoric) when I participated in a magical, mystical tour through Ireland with Amanda Collins and my Feng Shui colleagues. Not only did we visit some very powerful and ancient sites, we also incorporated meditations, song and ceremony everywhere we went. We formed circles that connected each of us on many different levels – to each other, to Mother Earth, to the Universe.

Which leads me to the subject of Ritual

What is Ritual? “A formal and customarily repeated act or series of acts.” A handshake when greeting a person can be a ritual. Wedding ceremonies are rife with ritual – the bride and groom using two separate candles to light the unity candle symbolizes two lives merging as one. The releasing of two white doves represents the married couple embarking on their new life together.

A Ritual is vastly different from a Habit. Habits are soulless acts of repetition that cause us to sleepwalk through our lives, whereas ritual is doing something with intention.

So, why do we practice Ritual? These actions give our life structure and balance. They can be deeply-rooted and time-honored (singing the national anthem at the beginning of a baseball game) or they can be something that is unique to you (burning incense before you sit down to begin your work for the day, or mindfully making your bed each morning).

Ritual elevates the mundane to the sacred. We live in an ever-increasing chaotic world. Small acts, regularly repeated with intention, engender a sense of stability in one’s life. An “all is right with the world” sort of feeling. They ground us. Feeling grounded is feeling connected to something larger than us. Feeling grounded empowers us.

The year is coming to a close, and this month of December is filled with actions that are repeated year after year – purchasing and decorating a tree, adorning the home with ornaments, wrapping and exchanging gifts. Singing holiday songs. Lighting specific candles that hold meaning.

During this month, one of the busiest and most stressful seasons of the year, I invite you to slow down. Think about your actions, infuse them with intention and savor the ritual of each holiday act you practice.

The most successful and effective practice of ritual is to find what resonates most with YOU. By taking the time to acknowledge the rituals rather than habits you practice in your day, you will usher in a new and positive awareness to your life that will have a positive and powerful ripple effect on everything and everyone else around you. And happiness ensues.

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