Feng shui isn’t just about identifying energy gaps and curing them. More and more, people are using feng shui proactively, to identify sound and supportive homes before purchasing! When buying the home of your dreams, you use a real estate agent to help you find the physical features you want at your price point. Feng shui consultations round out that decision-making process by helping you assess whether the energy is what you’re looking for and what is energetically in sync with you!

I’m not going to tell you NOT to buy a house (ok, I might!), but a consultation will help you identify the changes that need to happen to achieve the balance you’re looking for in a new space.

What will a feng shui assessment do to help you decide if THIS is the home of your dreams?

You and your family may see a potential home with starry eyes because it has the perfect number of bedrooms and is located in just the right neighborhood.  A feng shui assessment made prior to purchase will also look at the inherent energy of the space and how it may affect you while living there:

Is the house located at the center of a T juncture of two intersecting streets, or the apex of a cul-de-sac? This would mean “poison arrows” (sharp, constant negative energy) are constantly being sent to your home and thus you.

Does the walkway meander in a curving path from the road to the front door, or is the walkway a straight shot to the front door? We want the energy to flow in a continuous and gentle movement toward the front door, which is the primary entry point for energy. This curving path means that the energy is moving at a gentle and continuous rate that is in balance and harmony with you and the environment.

When entering the front door, do you immediately look up a flight of stairs? Stairs that sit directly in front of the main door means energy is rushing down the stairs and flowing out of your home. This equates to wealth flowing directly out of your life.

Are there beams on the ceiling, or sloping ceilings above the sleeping or main sitting areas? This would mean heavy and/or cutting energy above you as you sleep or relax, which is unsupportive of a restful, calming environment.

Is there a bathroom or stairwell in the center of the home? The central location of either stairs or bathroom can cause a rift or divide in the family unit.

These are just a few GENERAL considerations to look at then purchasing a new home. A more thorough analysis provides additional information that is SPECIFIC to the building you are considering, and can tell us which areas of the home are energetically more supportive of health and wealth (and which areas are less supportive), as well as whether this house and the buyer are energetically aligned. This information can be calculated by applying a Flying Stars analysis on the home (numbers in the mathematical algorithm are comprised of specific compass directions, current year, and birth year of the home).

Consider making a powerful investment in your life and your family by including a feng shui consultation in your home purchase, or if you are a real estate agent, gifting your clients!

Send me an email with Spring 2018 in the subject line and you will receive a $100 discount on the cost of the consultation service.