Do you ever walk into a space and, immediately, your mood is lifted? Or have you ever walked in to a space only to become uneasy or agitated? You were unconsciously sensing the energy (chi) of that space. Chi influences our physical, mental and emotional well-being, and by using feng shui, we can take control of that energy – and how it affects us.

The ancient practice of Feng Shui transforms the energy of your space and supports you in achieving personal happiness, success, peace and well-being.

I practice Flying Stars Feng Shui, investigating the scientific relationship between cause and effect, or feng shui patterns. The flow of chi in a space can manifest as positive or negative life events – a job loss or drop in sales, a streak of good fortune or a strong relationship. Using feng shui, we can correct energy imbalances and bring more of what we seek – such as flow, love, success and abundance – into our lives.

All consultations described below are specific to your individual space, combined with a reading of the personal life energies of those inhabiting the space. The result is a creative, well-designed and balanced aesthetic for your home or office, one that supports you in living the vibrant, harmonious, abundant life you seek and deserve.