Today we’re fortunate enough to have Marie Vickers, a very talented Feng Shui Consultant, share a bit about the importance of metal in her art. Metal is a vital part of bringing balance into our lives. Marie does a much better job of explaining this so I’ll let her do just that.

Marie combines Feng Shui with a gorgeous modern aesthetic. Be sure to take a look at her beautiful website, Feng Shui Modern, where you can learn more about her practice. If you are looking to make some changes in your life and in your home, Marie is a talented, compassionate, generous, committed and wonderful person to work with.

Feng Shui is the practice of harnessing the energy in your environment and cultivating its optimal flow. A space with good Feng Shui is one that feels harmonious, balanced, calm, and inviting. Classical Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese science with the same roots as acupuncture, applies remedies and enhancements in order to balance the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), all of which exist in nature and thus in your own living space.

Let’s talk about the Metal Element. Its presence brings in focus, productivity, lightness and calm, and assists with health, wealth, and love. Metal is connected to the West and Northwest directions.

You can introduce the metal element most strongly buy using the actual material. Any kind of metal is good (gold, silver, copper, tin etc), as long as it is not painted, sealed, or closed away in a drawer or closet – it needs to breathe to be effective. The heavier the metal the more effective it is, as well. Metal is equated with freshness, coolness, clarity — use of metal colors will also bring that element into your space – white, metallic, silver, gold, bronze, etc.

Round and oval shapes represent the metal element. Coins are circular; they circulate through the economy and encourage the flow of wealth and prosperity. Tuck a few Chinese coins into your wallet to encourage the flow of prosperity.

I practice Classical or “Flying Stars” Feng Shui, calculating balances and imbalances within your environment based on information specific to your particular building. This would be a more precise indication of where you need more (or less) metal and the other elements within your space. However, you may also apply intentional Feng Shui. Should you feel you need more clarity and focus within a particular location of your living or work space (perhaps in your office), bring in some metal. This can be in the form of a lovely bowl, a metal lamp, a metal sculpture, etc. Style your interior with metallic colors (white pillows, silver accessories, a gold tray, for example). I would love to help you Feng Shui and Style your space! Please call me for a free 15 minute consultation, 619 296 4846.

Julia Parker Designs provides beautiful adornments that you can wear to bring in the metal element. And … Earth elements support or “feed” Metal – her pieces that incorporate gemstones are even more powerful for manifesting lightness, focus, and calm in your life!