This time of year invites images of days where we move at a slower pace, warmer temperatures, time spent outdoors, long walks on the beach and feeling the sand between one’s toes. In summer, people make a greater effort to rest and relax in nature, which often means a river, lake or ocean. Here in San Diego we are fortunate to have immediate access to the vast Pacific Ocean and its gorgeous beaches.

WATER – it’s one of our most precious resources, and one of the most powerful forces of nature. People have traditionally traveled to the sea, spas or springs to heal from illness or gain improved health. The positive energy of water has a positive effect on the energy of one’s body.

Water, one of the key elements in Feng Shui, is aligned with the concepts of wealth and prosperity. Moving water energizes your space – flowing water enhances the flow of energy. It also provides beauty to the eye, soothing sounds to the ear and harmony to your spirit. Expressing the water element in your space will attract more abundance in your life. The way you arrange your space can speed up, slow down, or even stop the flow of energy in your life. Wise use of water in your space is beneficial in creating good flow in your life.

~ Feng Shui Tips ~

Water Don’ts

Dripping faucets are leaky chi – your finances are dripping away from your home or business.

Don’t leave water sitting in your kitchen sink – this becomes stagnant, and thus negatively affects the energy within your kitchen.

Regarding outdoor fountains – water flowing toward your home invites wealth and abundance to flow toward you. I can share with you remedies for water that is flowing away from you. Call me for a consultation!

Bring the water element into your environment

Outside, meandering pathways (to your front door or in your garden) mimic the flow of water. A straight path up to your front door is not ideal, as no true straight lines exist in nature.

The colors blue and black are associated with water, as well as blue and black fabrics that are soft and flowing.

Hang artworks or photographs of images of moving water. Gently flowing water images are best; catastrophic and raging waves provide too much energy that becomes negative rather than enhancing.

Reflective surfaces such as mirrors, cut crystal and glass also serve as water elements.

Of course, there is no substitute for the actual thing! Water fountains outside as well as inside your home or business serve as Feng Shui remedies and enhancements. I can assist you with finding the appropriate fountain that works with your style and décor. In addition, we can custom-design a fountain that is an expression of YOU and your interior.

We cannot exist without water. It is the one nourishment our bodies need above all else. Water is also a metaphor for the other means by which we fill up our bodies (and our souls)…which leads me to share with you a short anecdote.

Watering the Flower in a Friend

“One day I was giving a talk at our practice center in France. Two of the people in attendance were a couple from Bordeaux who visit our center on occasion. The woman was sitting in the front of the audience, and she was crying from the beginning of the talk to the end. After the talk I went to her husband and told him, “Dear friend, your flower needs some water.” He understood right away. After lunch, they drove home through the countryside, and he spent that hour and a half letting her know all the things he appreciated about her. When they arrived home, their children were surprised to see their mother and father so joyful. Transformation can happen very quickly.”– Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh