As you may know, dear Reader, I practice Feng Shui, am certified as a Professional Organizer, and promote my skills and expertise as a “Space Stylist.” Some people may then respond to me, “Ok, what exactly does that mean, Space Styling?” And I am here to give you some clarity on the subject!

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and been struck by how effortlessly chic and pulled-together the space seems? And then wondered, “how can I get a similar look in my own home, while maintaining my own personal style?”

This is where Space Styling comes in – utilizing your own furniture and decorative items, rearranging, adding some key elements to create balance, harmony, and a little “wow power” to the mix.

Interior Design is defined as “the art or job of planning how the rooms of a building should be furnished and decorated.” A professionally-trained interior designer will build, from the ground up, and assist with, the design of the entire room, space, or building which often involves the purchase of furniture and accessories that are customized for that specific space.

With Space Styling, however, you can upgrade your space (home, office, outside living areas, for example) with the application of a few simple design concepts and without investing a lot of money.

I’d like to share with you a few tips to guide you in making changes to create more balance, visual impact, and excitement in your space!


First, determine what this particular space is going to be used for – this is Functional Styling. As an example, did you know that I ALMOST NEVER lose my keys? Why? Because my fob of house and car keys have a dedicated “home” and every time I walk in from the outside, the keys are placed in the container located near the door I enter in. So, perhaps you have a foyer with a table that would be an ideal landing pad. Or a spot on your kitchen counter where you place your handbag (or wallet) and sunglasses and keys upon coming home. A gorgeous tray or a small bowl will hold your keys and any other loose items you need on a regular basis, and will also keep the space looking pulled-together and stylish.


When placing a grouping of items together, for example on a tabletop such as a coffee table or the console table in the foyer, consider achieving visual cohesion through a harmonious mix of shape and size. You want layers of complexity in the visual statement you are making, so if you have a number of square and rectangular items placed on the surface (think books, trays, boxes), you want some contrasting shapes in the mix (a round bowl sitting on top of the stack of books or a vertical cylindrical vase, perhaps).

In this bookcase, you see a number of squares and rectangles that are vertical as well as horizontal (books, stacked boxes, framed artwork). This is the harmony. The cylindrical (tall) vases and round (squat) felt art piece add contrast.


Stay within a particular and limited color palette for visual harmony. The color palette is the foundation, and texture adds visual interest. You can add texture through textiles (a throw, a wall hanging, pillows), and also with natural materials such as plants, rocks, crystals, shells, and woven items.

I recently styled the Top Chef (Master Cutlery) booth at the Chicago International Housewares Trade Show. My styling colleague and I wanted to provide a neutral background as the color palette, which would serve as the backdrop for the product – Master Cutlery kitchen knives in a knifeblock and the accompanying packaging.

Here you can see the color palette of browns (wood containers, potatoes, pasta, beans and bread), silver/metal/glass (additional vessels) and white (shelving and wall color). The color orange (Top Chef logo, packaging, oranges) adds a pop of color and unifies.


Bling draws the eye in and adds a pop of interest to your décor or your vignette. Any type of metal, glass, mirror or crystal can serve as “bling.” In this foyer tabletop arrangement, the color palette is brown/bronze and white. The pink color of the crystal is in harmony with the overall color palette, and the reflective nature of the crystal adds the “bling.”

These are just a few easy styling tips – I’ve got so many more to share! I would love to play a part in making your space inviting, harmonious, and balanced, with “You” showing through. Drop me a note and let me know how I may help you!

Wishing you balance, love and abundance,