Spring is always seen as a time of renewal and rebirth. The natural world regenerates and we are inspired to reboot our lives as well. To experience your own personal rebirth, you can make changes not only in your environment, but also in your SELF. Did you know that in feng shui, your BODY is considered your first home, and your HOUSE is your second home? The two environments are intrinsically connected – what shows up in one place has a direct impact on the other.

So, let’s talk about how to refresh BOTH for your best feng shui spring cleaning yet!

Tips to Refresh Your Outer Environment

(Home or Office)


Did you know that by decluttering an area in your life, you are making way for new opportunities to show up? Clutter can be the easiest energy blockage to address. Removing just three items from an area can create dramatic results! Take three items out of your junk drawer or identify three items to give away from your closet. Likely, once you get started you might feel inspired to go even further in de-cluttering those areas. De-cluttering is an important pre-step for feng shui; I often recommend to my clients to begin editing items in the house before we can proceed with the more fun aspects of the consultation!


These reflective surfaces are the vision of your future. Mirrors draw in energy and expand the space. Energy enters through your windows (as well as doorways). Keeping them sparkling clean allows the energy to flow in easily and unhindered.


In the same way you welcome guests at the front of the home, you are welcoming energy at this location too. Be intentional when doing so! In San Diego, we are constantly on the move. This means that for San Diego, feng shui of our entryways is even more important! Approach the front of your home and use “feng shui eyes.”

Are there weeds to be removed, shrubs to be trimmed, clutter to be removed?

Do you welcome people? A welcome mat is one of the easiest ways to greet the energy and your visitors. You can be creative and find unique ways to say “welcome”. For example, I have incorporated items from my travels – a brass Hand of Fatima doorknocker from Morocco and a Gaelic “Cead Mil Failte” brass sign (“a thousand million welcomes”).

Is your front entryway tidy?

Tips to Refresh Your Inner Environment


Raise your vibration. We are here on this earth to be in a place of JOY, LOVE and CREATIVITY. Yes, challenges exist and we have work to do and bills to pay. However, when we raise our vibration by lightening up (through song, dance and play), we are telling the Universe that we are open to receiving all the abundance that is awaiting us. These activities will help put you in a position and mindset to receive.


Our thoughts create our reality. We love to be positive here in San Diego. Feng shui tells us that we can also change our reality by changing our thoughts – so do it!

Create an affirmation starting with I AM. “I AM” is the metaphysical name of the Spiritual Self (remember, we are souls existing in a body, rather than a body with a soul). We identify ourselves to that which we attach to I AM, and whatever we identify ourselves with, we manifest. Thus, “I AM wealth and abundance” manifests wealth and abundance in your life.

Say it aloud. Speaking out has far greater power than thinking or writing them down.


Here’s why it matters: Feng Shui is about balancing the Yin and the Yang. The Heavens are masculine (Yang) and Mother Earth is feminine (Yin). We receive an abundance of positive ions in the environment, particularly through technology such as computers and cell phones, all of which emit positive ions. When we started wearing rubber-soled shoes as our primary foot covering in the late 20th century, we no longer regularly absorbed the negative ions provided by mother earth, leaving us consistently out of balance. When our bodies are out of balance, we can develop disease. Earthing will help you reset your balance from the inside out.

Feng Shui Techniques:

What is Dowsing and What Can It Do For You?

If something is “off” – illness or otherwise – start here!

Have you ever been sick with ongoing symptoms but have not been able to get a successful diagnosis of your ailment? Or do you see things going south with no clear explanation? One of my San Diego feng shui consulting clients noticed a number of trees in a specific area of their property that would fail and ultimately die. Another client has been experiencing ill health with no obvious cause.

In both cases, the solution involved dowsing.

What dowsing addresses:

The geopathic stress around us can heavily influence ourselves and our home (geo in Greek means earth, and pathos means disease). Geopathic stress covers a wide range of phenomena; just as water erodes the rocks on the coastline, underground water is a similarly eroding force, and negatively impacts living beings existing on the ground above. Usually, the Earth and all living beings vibrate at complementary frequencies that support each other. But when geopathic stress is present, it upsets that balance, leading to ill health, which could mean a cold you don’t shake all the way to extremely serious afflictions including cancer, migraines and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

We are also surrounded by artificially-created electromagnetic fields such as from cell phone towers, satellite dishes, microwaves, and other electronics that impact us through regular exposure.

How dowsing works:

I’ve been getting a number of calls recently to dowse for geopathic stress and other negative energy lines. For example, I identified the geopathic stress line on the property that was affecting the trees and placed a cure beneath the ground. In the second case, we were able to detect and cure the negative energy line that was running beneath her bed and affecting her health.

Are you being affected by geopathic stress?

There’s one surefire way to find out. As a certified dowser, I can effectively seek out sources of geopathic stress and other negative energies in your environment – so we can cure them. Please contact me for availability and pricing.


Lately, I have been contacted by a number of builders here in San Diego. Feng shui consulting is no longer a secret of the lucky few. They’re realizing what Asian cultures have known for centuries: it’s ideal to establish good feng shui from the beginning.

It’s ideal to do a feng shui consultation at the start of a new spatial evolution:

building a new construction

doing a renovation

moving in to a new office or home

By thinking ahead, you can strategically put optimal energy and harmony in flow rather than troubleshoot later. Contact me with any questions!