rice blessing

Feng Shui Modern is one of the only places to offer the Yu Wei Rice Blessing in San Diego. This ancient, simple ceremony originates from the Black Sect Tantric School of feng shui. The powerful rice blessing connects us to universal life force energy and gives us a platform to ask for a specific outcome.

If you are seeking to encourage something particular to take place for you, this ritual should be of interest. While feng shui is shifting the energy within the home to raise the vibration of the environment, the Yu Wei Rice Blessing is asking for a specific blessing, for example, the conception of a new life, to bless a home and its occupants with abundance and happiness, to increase the profits and customers of a company.

The Yu Wei Rice Blessing can be used for a number of purposes, including:

  • Blessing land prior to construction.
  • Blessing an existing home or business.
  • Encouraging fertility and abundance.
  • Activating the energy of a home prior to listing it for sale.
  • Removing negative energy related to divorce, illness, death, or misfortune.
  • Serving as an all-purpose blessing for abundance, health and well-being.



rice blessing

Your life consists of 3 types of luck – heavenly, human and earthly. Your heavenly luck is what you are born into, based on where the sun, stars and moon aligned at the moment of your birth (also known as your destiny).  While you do not control your heavenly luck, you can certainly shift the energy to your advantage through your human luck (based on the choices you make as you move through your life) and your earthly luck (what you do with and for your environment).

Feng Shui Modern focuses on the use of healing modalities to enhance your earthly luck; rituals such as the Yu Wei Rice Blessing are an important tool in this effort. Our feng shui consultations improve energy flow of a space while dowsing identifies and cures negative energy lines for properties in San Diego. Yu Wei Rice Blessing provides a third advantage, using ceremony and ritual to improve the energy of your space to specifically encourage growth, harmony and prosperity.

While I have been studying the Yu Wei Rice Blessing for years, I have never before publicly offered this service.

To share my excitement for this wonderful blessing, we are currently offering a 50% discount for San Diego Yu Wei Rice Blessings booked before October 5, 2018 (service may be scheduled for after that date). Book My Rice Blessing!